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High quality sliding

  • Robustness : opening and closing test up to 20000 cycles, this product guarantees strength and durability in use. Up to 200Kg per leaf
  • Glass thickness, from 6mm to 24mm, for better acoustic, insulation performances and reinforced security
  • Meticulous details : all the accessories in the color of the window, no visible fixation, reducing glazing gasket.


High performance and aesthetic

Rollers bearing up to 140 Kg per leaf Aluminium rails accommodating 1 to 8 leaves 5mm to 20mm Acoustic performance up to 35dB (A) for the user comfort Maximum light due to the very thin stiles 2 opening frame aesthetic choices for a better integration in architectural styles

Attention to details

• Locks: 1 -point thumb pull, up to 4-points locks with handle and key or lever thumb pull

On the bottom rail, an aluminium or stainless steel additional roller track guarantees the durability