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history of Estica

PT ESTICA INTERNATIONAL is an indepedent company that engaged in buiding material products since 2007and became one of the trusted and integrated company in Southeast Asia’s especially in Indonesia. We present products which used for commercial and residential projects. In order to supply necessitate, we are using worldwide known brand as a single distributor in Indonesia,such as TECHNALwith high grade qualityto serve a huge size and great performance.

credibility to provide

Our aim is being capable to maintain our positioning in achieving our credibility to provide dynamic and innovative products in order to surpass the challenges in a highly competitive market. We are using products with European and worldwide standard to pursue the best quality for customers. One of our products have helped build many of the high rise and commercial projects throughout the Southeast Asia area such as Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and Bangkok International Airport.


To be number one in serving a high quality products and give an excellent services to make an achievement of being a market leader that have a biggest marketshare also.


PT ESTICA INTERNATIONAL has a vision and mission to aim for the highest satisfaction of our customers.


Providing the best quality product for customer’s demandin Southeast Asia. Professional and fast service to implement international warranty and reach the high standard quality service. Fair value for every customer as a form of customer’s convictionto us in order to advance our number one claim in building materials market.

faq on

Q : How can I get the right products for my project needs?

A : Feel free to call us and arrange an appointment to meet our staff. After that, we can discuss the project together along with the project layout and window schedule to choose the right products for your project.

Q : Is there any guarantee for PT ESTICA INTERNATIONAL products? How is the procedure to claim it?

A : Every products of PT ESTICA INTERNATIONAL has different warranty. For TECHNAL products, you can get color and rubber warranty for 10 years and accessories warranty for 2 years. To claim it you can call our staff.

Q : I want to see your products and the quality on the spot. How can I get it?

A: You can come to our showroom and office to know more about our products. We are holding exhibition twice a year in Jakarta and Surabaya. If you are interested to know more about our project, you can contact our sales person. Feel free to ask, come, and see our products.

Q : How long does it take to order the material?

A: It takes 3 months after contract is signed and first down payment is received to process our products until everything done according to your project plan.

Q : Can I get the color variation for the products?

A : We provide any colors including custom colors.

Q : Can I get the color variation for the products?

A : We provide any colors including custom colors.

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